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My first DIY projects.

I’m not crafty. I want to be, but it’s just never really happened for me. I’ve always felt like I don’t have a crafty/creative bone in my body, but I think I just need some guidance. Stumbleupon has sent me to all kinds of DIY pages that have me just itching to get crafty, so I am going to attempt it… Here are my first little projects.




I spray painted the trim pink and put the two little flowers on with hot glue… Not that difficult, but hey… I’m a novice, give me a break. :)

My next little project was this little bird (I love bird decor)… All I did was spray paint it pink and I love it!

I’m currently working on a step stool project for Jonas to use in the bathroom so he can reach the sink. I hope it turns out as cute as it did in my head… Pictures to come.

I bought all of my supplies for these projects at Hobby Lobby, which was fun because I’ve never looked in the craft sections, just the home interior, flowers, etc. I was in the craft section for 2 hours easy! So fun! My next adventure will be antique and junk stores to explore!


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