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Close call.

My flower beds are looking pretty sad.  Today I finally got out there and started weeding the grass that has creeped its way into the beds, and as I did I kept finding bigger and bigger ant piles underneath the hedging rocks. Ugh!!! I thought I’d killed them all last year, but apparently they’re back. So I put some ant killer out… We shall see what happens.  Anyways, as I’m lifting these rocks and pulling up the grass that has grown in between them I almost grabbed my worst nightmare, a snake!! eeeeeek! Sure, it was a baby snake and probably a harmless grass snake that was probably only 3 inches long, but it was a snake and I’m terrified! Now I know why they make gloves to garden with, and you better believe I put them on before finishing, and after killing the snake. I’m getting chill bumps just thinking about it because where there is one baby snake, there is probably more… and where there are more— there’s probably a big mama snake that I don’t want to meet! I mean come on, I live in the city! Snakes aren’t supposed to be here.  I grew up in the country so I know they’re around there, but I guess I just didn’t expect to lift up a rock and see a snake… and I sure hope it’s the last one I see.

I’ve been a poor college girl for a long time now and as my mother would tell me: I have champagne taste in a beer glass. I want big, pretty, colorful and more than likely expensive flowers and such. Since I haven’t been able to afford that, I’ve had to look at ugly beds that are in need of a good green thumb, but I’m tired of looking at them so hopefully soon I can have the pretty flower beds I want…. Or just make it look nice enough for now and sell this place and move to a more rural area and start fresh… but that’s a whole different topic.


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