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For Jonas

Here is the step stool I made for my nephew, Jonas…


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Jen-Jen & Jonas

Like I stated in an earlier blog, my nephew is my world… and since I’m missing him right now, I decided to post some pictures of the two of us together! :) Here they are…

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Love my little sweetheart!

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My sweet nephew, Jonas

My brother and sister-in-law are brave souls.  Despite the challenges in their path and the path of their son, Jonas, they are the most amazing parents I know.  Jonas has progressive infantile scoliosis, but he is the most joyful and resilient child I’ve ever encountered.  Hollie, my sister-in-law, is such an amazing Mama to him that it awes me.  I should probably tell her that, I don’t think Mom’s are told enough how amazing they are, I know I should tell mine more often how great she is.

Today was the day we found out Jonas’ MRI results.  He had a tethered spinal cord a year ago and it was corrected with surgery at that time.  The results showed no fluid on his spinal cord and no re-tethering! Woo-hoo!!  He gets casted in Salt Lake City at the Shriner’s Hospital, and he had his second cast with Shriner’s applied today.  The treatment he gets there is outstanding.  I’m so happy Jason and Hollie found the best available treatment for my little sweetheart nephew.

Jonas and Hollie after his cast was applied.

You will come to know that my nephew is my main man.  I love him to pieces.  People always talk about when you have a child it’s love at first site and you love them more than anything in the world… Well, that’s how I feel about my nephew so I can only imagine when I have one of my own. Until then, Jonas get’s all of his Aunt Jen-Jen’s loving! :)


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