About Me

I’m a believer. I see all that is good and beautiful in the world, and tend to overlook the bad. I start everyday thankful for the chance to learn something new, overcome fears, discover things about myself, and to put a smile on someone’s face. I believe a person’s greatness is measured by their kindness, and I believe in karma, good and bad. I don’t let people’s bitterness slow me down; I go after my dreams, no matter how long it takes me to discover them. I’m a true believer in compassion, clemency, patience, generosity, good intentions, and courtesy. I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’ll fight for what I love.  My furry little pups Cooper and Ali are my children! :) I’m usually pretty quiet around people I don’t know well, although I have a lot to say. I’m from the small town of Valliant, OK, but I don’t live up to most small town standards, however, my southern roots and hospitality will always be with me. I’m curious in nature; therefore I enjoy learning now that I found something I love- Nursing. Granted it took me four years of wasting my parent’s money to find this love of learning, but in the end I’m happy, therefore so are they. Speaking of my parents, they are my world. I’m my Daddy’s girl and my Mama’s world. My Mom is my rock, and without her, life would be impossible and empty. My Dad is responsible for the smile on my face, because if I ever learned anything from him, it was to stay young, smile, and be happy. I pride myself on my kindness, selflessness, and patience. I believe in people, and I trust (usually more than I should) people until they prove they’re not worthy of that. Because of that belief and trust in people, I sometimes end up disappointed, heartbroken, or both. Luckily, I believe that it’s the struggles that make us stronger, and we learn from our mistakes. I’ve been told I sound like Hallmark (haha), and that’s okay with me, because Hallmark is happy, and so am I! Music is my expression, and I admire almost any kind of music. I’m constantly discovering new bands and new genres to fall in love with. I’m a hopeless romantic, but am picky as to who gets to see that side of me. I believe in true love, and true happiness, and I believe those things find you and not the other way around. I believe that confidence makes you beautiful, and smiling enhances that beauty. I hate being late, almost as much as I hate being lost. I don’t play games with people, I’m honest and I expect it in return. I believe in true friendship, and I’m happy to have some of the most amazing friends the world could ever offer me, old friends and new friends… They all know who they are. I can sometimes be indecisive, stubborn, and somewhat picky, I mean I have to have some faults! (hehe). I love the outdoors, campfires, and there is nothing sweeter than laying on a boat in the midst of summer with a cold beverage in my hand. I believe in natural beauty. I love to be inspired, and hope to inspire others. I have a love for life, and I enjoy living mine everyday…


This blog is about rediscovering myself as I take on a new chapter in my life and sharing my experiences.


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