To dye or not to dye? That is the question…

My hair color has changed from blonde to brown and in many different shades since the time I was 15.Well, I’m tired of the same old colors, so I”m thinking about going auburn for awhile. Although I’m a little afraid, I think I’ll go for it.  I mean it’s just hair, right? I can always dye it back! I’m thinking about this color I found while searching Google images.

No, I didn’t pick it because it’s Ashlee Simpson, I just like the color! I found another of when Lindsay Lohan had darker auburn locks that I also like, but I think this just might be the color I go with… Everything I’ve read about going auburn says to do it gradually due to the shock of having red hair! But… I enjoy the shock of new hair-do’s. So, I’m pretty excited to be trying something new. Seems to be my life lately, new things. I like it. Change is good. So… out with the old, in with the new.


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